Friday, October 18, 2013

showing off some before & afters...

Hello! It is a brisk fall morning here and I felt the need to sip some coffee and write a new post...

I've found myself doing a lot of upholstery work lately.
It seems that it is becoming "my thing".
Antique chairs and sofas can really be a work of art. The care and work that went into making these beautiful pieces of furniture is extraordinary! I have been lucky enough to work with mostly horse hair stuffed pieces.. To me, it makes the chair or sofa extra special.

I have always worked hard to leave intact and preserve as much of the original "innards" as possible.. After reading this quote from Upholstery Journal Magazine, I know I'm on the right track of thinking..

“You don’t pretend to be smarter than the furniture designer. They’ve done it a particular way for a reason, and you’d better have a really good reason if you want to change it.”

Despite the hard physical work it takes to remove old upholstery, it is the most exciting part! It's like peeling back layers of wrapping paper with giddy anticipation to see what the gift is inside.. This is where you can really appreciate the craftsmanship that went into making the piece.. 

I love when a chair or sofa is "naked" - It is a blank canvas waiting for me to put my own artistic stamp on its long history..

This Duncan Phyfe sofa had beautiful lines to it! It was a strong stately piece..

A lovely French chair, well made and gorgeous wood tones...

Beautifully carved wood. The cushions were shot and the fabric was (to be honest) gross.. The bones were great and I knew she could be loved again with the right look...

My most recent project. I have to say this was one of my favorites! The carved wood details were gorgeous!!

Thanks for letting me share my love of beautiful upholstered pieces! There is MUCH more to come.. In the workshop right now I have two channel-back chairs, another French armchair and a claw-footed upholstered bench ALL calling my name...