Friday, January 4, 2013

journaling the journey...

The incredibly creative group who make up the collaborative magazine and blog, FOLK have challenged bloggers to write journal entries each week of 2013. Each week is given a topic HERE to prompt your creative writing..

I love the idea of being pushed to think beyond the usual furniture posts and dig deeper and challenge myself to put some real thoughts and feelings down on "paper".

The first prompt is to reflect on the lessons learned in 2012 and how you will apply your new knowledge to 2013...

The word that sums up 2012 for me (and many many years prior) is FEAR.

Last year was one of the most difficult years of my whole life and was completely ruled by fear. Both personally and professionally.  As I was working my way through conquering my personal fears I found myself holding back professionally out of fear as well...
I was afraid to fail and I was afraid to succeed.

As a way to work through the personal fear I found myself creating art...

It was very different than the work I had done before... So along with that came more fear.
What if no one liked it? What if they never sold? What if people thought it was dumb?

I was proud of the new pieces I was creating. And the creative process of picking though the old bits and pieces I had collected and treasured for so long brought me peace. Thinking about what should go where and how, gave me a break from worrying about what was happening around me.

I loved that I was taking old forgotten bits and putting them together in a way that they became beautiful.

With nervousness, I set a price and put it out for the world to see...

Some dear friends - who are far more knowledgeable in vintage type art and who create the most successful breathtaking barn sales - loved them.

 Hearing their encouraging words was exactly what I needed to silence the fear.

I am working on many new pieces and for once, I'm looking forward to seeing the reactions I get. I still have a lot of fear to conquer - but looking back on 2012 makes me realize I have come a LONG way!
My plans for 2013 are to take the things I learned about myself last year and run with it...
Whether I succeed or fail... Either way, I will have climbed the mountains of fear and came through the other side a better person for it!


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