Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The reveal...

Well here's my new look!! I think Kristin did an amazing job and was incredibly patient while I asked a TON of questions (and was overall clueless) about how to set up a blog!!

For my first kick-off post I'd like to show off a piece I did a little while back...

I found this gem at a yard sale in a little farming town nearby!

I had not planned to stop, so I had no cash on me at all. I begged the lady NOT to sell it till I got back. I raced home (only about a 10 min drive), raced back and paid her as fast as I could!

She was SOLID mahogany.. Stunning detailed carvings and HEAVY!

After taking the top decorative piece off and pulling back some of the upholstery I decided to leave the original fabric in place. It was not done in your typical stapled kind of way but more a part of the construction of the piece. I decided to re-upholster right over top of the existing fabric..

I typically use drop cloth canvas to re-upholster with. It has a great look and texture. I always wash and bleach it before using it though - that really helps to soften the fabric and makes it easier to work with.
I draped the fabric over the sofa and cut the pieces to follow the lines of it. Its like cutting out puzzle pieces.. You just have to figure out how to make the new fabric fit together like the original fabric did.

After LOTS of cutting and piecing I was ready to get out the staple gun!
I use an electric staple gun - it REALLY saves your hand/arm from a lot of aches and pains you get from a manual staple gun!

My upholstering skills are still in the "baby" stage so I've not mustered the courage to use real vintage grain sack material... Yet.
BUT, I feel very confident with my hand-painting skills so I simply hand-painted an antique grain sack image onto the fabric. And yes I did it AFTER all the upholstering was done - no going back!

I did paint the wood using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in CoCo with some dark wax.

Here is how I styled it for The Summer Market show I did in late July!

It was purchased by a man who was a buyer for MTV! He took my number and I (some would call it begged) that if it was going to appear in a show he'd let me know...

My phone hasn't rang yet... But you NEVER know!! ;)

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