Thursday, December 20, 2012

a shimmery finish

Metallic finishes have become popular in furniture lately and I was anxious to try my hand at it.
I picked up this wonderful oval side table at a flea market. It had GREAT details and lots of character but NOT so nice finish...

(I remembered to snap a couple "before" pics after I had started painting - oops!)

I made a custom mix of Paris Grey with a little Louis Blue and French Linen - which turned out to be a very rich bluish grey! I LOVE custom mixing my own colors - I like that it lends a real uniqueness to my pieces - Plus its fun!!

This is after its been painted, stained, distressed and clear waxed

Then the fun begins!! I decided to get that metallic look in my waxing step. I had picked up some gilding wax in both silver and king's gold and wanted to experiment a little...

After taking a few scoops of clear wax in a bowl I added in some of the silver gilding wax. Not too much as the stuff is very highly pigmented. I'd say a ratio of about 3:1.. But you can certainly play with it to achieve the look you want.

This is what it looked like mixed up:

It was SO buttery to work with! Went on so easily and gave it the most beautiful shimmer!!

Here's how she looked after...

The wax mixture gave the paint a subtle sheen - not too much - a very sophisticated look!

I think the metallic finish gives a distinct and sophisticated look to the right piece of furniture.. I really like having new products to play around with and look forward to experimenting more with it in the future!

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