Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Not your typical birthday gift...

My nephew was turning 6 years old. I wanted to give him something a little different... Something that would last instead of ANOTHER toy that is forgotten about a week after the party. I remembered a conversation I had with my brother where he mentioned that my nephew's dresser was falling apart - BINGO!

I picked this dresser up at Goodwill for $13!
It was in good solid shape... But the ugly orange finish HAD to go!

I used a beautiful robins egg blue paint I had picked up at the Habitat ReStore (LOVE that place!).

I painted chalkboard paint on the drawer fronts and the knobs a hammered silver metal.

Two 16x24 sheets of metal purchased at Lowe's for $6 each were attached to each side using Gorilla Glue.

I added two metal mesh drawer organizer trays to each side for $5 from Bed Bath & Beyond. I wanted to give him something to hold magnets, chalk and an occasional Hot Wheels car...

I stained the top a dark walnut and shined it up with some finishing paste wax.

I was SO excited with how it turned out! I delivered it at his birthday party... He ran past me chasing his friends with their light sabers, paused a moment to hear me say "hey look what Aunt Jenni got for you for your birthday"... He said "huh" and kept running... OH WELL, he is just six and I impressed my (very un-impressable - not sure that's a word) brother and that's all that mattered to me! ;)